Character Profile:

Character name: Abbie

Character age: around 20 years old

Character gender: female

Goal: She wants to build a bridge to cross the river, going to the wonderland.

Motivation: She wants to get rid of the lonely, isolated and boring life on the barren island, living in a different/better way.

Conflict (Dilemma):

  • She cannot swim and the current in the river is strong, so she needs to build a bridge to cross the river, but it is difficult to build a bridge with the limited materials by herself.
  • inner conflict: keep doing in order to reach her goal v.s. give up and go back to the barren island

Strengths: Brave, smart, curious, strong, patient

weakness: unconfident, afraid of drowning, cannot swim, afraid of failure

Hopes: She hopes she can go to the wonderland, having a better life and getting rid of the loneliness.


Character Design:

Character Design-3

4 heads tall




3.5 heads tallcharacter-3-ta-2character-3-ct

3 heads tallcharacter-3-ta




Character Design-2

Character turn-around



Character Design-1

Character turn-around:


Color test:


More color test:

Pose & Emotion:




Character sketch:







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