Story Beats (draft 1)

  1. Abbie is a girl who lives in a barren island alone, she sits in the shoreside and is dying to move to the wonderland nearby. (SB)
  2. She decides to pull down the tallest tree and uses it as a bridge to cross the river, and she does it. (SB)
  3. She feels excited and nervous when she steps on the bridge. (SB)
  4. AS further she walks on the bridge, she feels tired and dizzy slips under the blazing sun. (SB)
  5. Her fear rises; the bridge becomes more and more narrow; the wonderland nearby becomes far away–it looks closed, but hard to reach; the height of path increases–it is too high for Abbie to balance her body, etc. (SB)
  6. She feels her path is disappearing; Abbie is losing her way. (SB)
  7. Abbie feels anxious, lonely and helpless; it seems there are many unseen obstacles in front of her, hampering her way to the dream area. (SB+EB)
  8. She is struggling in the unseen difficulties and longing for help. (SB+EB)
  9. Suddenly, she seems escape from the obstacles, but the next moment, she falls into an abyss. (SB+EB)
  10. She falls into the river. (SB)
  11. ending

– the end-


– She put her hand out from the water and catch the grass on the shoreside of the wonderland. (SB)


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