Story Beats (draft 2)

  1. Abbie is a girl who lives in a barren area alone. She sits in the shoreside and is dying to move to the wonderland nearby (SB)
  2. But she doesn’t know how to swim, and the current in the river is too strong to boat. (SB)
  3. She decides to gather materials to build a bridge to cross the river. (SB)
  4. She pulls down a tree, beginning to build the bridge. (SB)
  5. Montage sequences of Abbie walking around to build the bridge:
  6. She is cutting down a tree; (?)
  7. She is knocking with a stone; (?)
  8. She is pulling the tree; (?)
  9. She is binding the materials together; (?)
  10. When she feels excited of the building bridge, the bridge falls down slightly. (SB)
  11. She is nervous and trying to fix the bridge; … …
  12. The bridge is almost finished; Abbie is excited to reach the wonderland. (SB+EB)
  13. She goes back to the barren island, trying to gather more materials to finish the bridge; however, the usable materials are run out. (SB+EB)
  14. Abbie sits on the end the bridge, looking at the wonderland with a helpless face. (EB)
  15. She gets up and struggles to jump to the wonderland or not. (EB)
  16. She jumps and falls into the water. (SB+RB)
  17. She puts her hand out from the water and catches a tree branch on the shoreside of the wonderland.
  18. Abbie is landing on the wonderland. (SB)

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