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One Sheet:



Date Completed: 2017

Director: Mei Hong Wu



Contact & Distribution Information:

Mailing address: 15-7559 Humphries


Cell: 778-288-9201


Film Title: Cross Over

Duration/TRT: 3m 35s

Media: 2D Digital

Film genre: (example: comedy, musical, romance, etc)




Film Synopsis: An isolated girl uses everything she found in the barren island to build a bridge, crossing the river to the wonderland nearby.



Screening formats: Quicktime

Frame ratio: HD Widescreen 16:9

Frame Rate: 24fps

Screen Resolution: HD 1080p

Audio: Stereo 48kHz, 24bit; stereo



Film Credits:

Design, Animated and Directed by Mei Hong Wu

Color Assistants: Sherry Shang, Ginger Lin

Sound Design: Melissa Johnson

Voice Actor: Rajvir Bee

Produced at Emily Carr of Art & Design



Filmmaker’s Biography:

Mei Hong Wu is an animator in Vancouver. She is originally from China. She studied animation at Emily Carr University Art + Design.

Mei enjoys sketching on paper and painting with vivid colors. She considers animation is a production of creating the dream. She wants to communicate her ideas to the others with her creative work.


Artists Statement:

In the beginning of my 4th year in EUC, I began to lost confidence in animation and creating my own work, because of sickness, stress, and frustration from the past. I am confused about my future. I tried to overcome my stress and explored more ideas for my grad project, but I just felt like I was stopping by some invisible obstacles around me.

The idea of my grad film Cross Over comes from the nightmare I had. During the

Three Stills: